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Welcome to cookshala

Glad that you are here!

I'm Rachel, its so nice to meet you. I am a food loving culinary professional who enjoys entertaining, plants and feeding people good food. 

I started blogging through my instagram account few years ago when I was in still culinary school. While, working in restaurant kitchens gave me real life experience behind "line", I found myself searching for different outlets to explore my creativety even more and thats when I started studying food photography + styling and soon realised how much I love it! 

Cooking has always been close to my heart, I can stand in the kitchen for hours testing recipes and stirring away over the stove, no problem. It just took me a while to figure out that I wanted a career in it. My favorite part is feeding people, so when invite you over come with an appetite.

Life has changed quite a bit since I first moved here from India 4 years ago... and it's  been a such a wonderful journey. I graduated, got engaged then married, worked as a line cook +  private chef, and currently am the test kitchen manager and food editor at TheFeedfeed, Brooklyn. 

I have built this blog as a creative outlet for myself and to share fun, easy, delicious food. You will see recipes from my mother's kitchen in India to mine in New York and everything in between. I hope that you will find something to tickle your taste buds!  

Thanks for stopping by, and do subscribe if you havent already. I'd love to chat so please feel free to email  me at rachel@cookshala.com with questions or if you  just wanna say hello!